Barney Bikes (90's Specialized Rebuild)(69er)

A few years ago I bought what I believe to be a  '92 stumpjumper comp from a buddy, fast forward to now, it had been repainted a few times previously, the suspension busted, it's was a purple beater for a few years and been borrowed by a few friends. It was time for an update.

The bike originally -


Above - What I think the frame was from, when I bought the bike it was already pink with a broken suspension.

Below - After I bought the bike I threw some spare parts on it to get it into rideable shape. 2011.


After some TLC, stripping all the paint, repainting it myself with automotive grade paint, design a FAKE brand and some new parts, PEYAHH, we've got a new bikepacking, commuting 69er ready to take the laughs.


While starting this rebuild I thought it might be fun to create a fake brand as well. Initially starting with the purple(ish) paint and the age of the bike I decided on "Barney Bikes", I found some dinosaur art and edited it down, lost the teeth in barney fashion and created a bit of art and some test logos.


Other Potentially boring stuff -

I learned a lot about headsets and bottom brackets.  I rebuilt everything I could to run it as a budget build.

69er's are a hell of a lot of fun. (and thickslicks run better in snow than they should.)